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Customize your design

The modular design of the Muscle Masher allows for customization tailored to your individual needs. Using standard 3/8”-16 taps, you can attach a variety of massage ends or handles to the main body. Alternative handles and massage ends can be found in the Store.

In the Store you can even buy the individual pieces to assemble your own tailored Muscle Masher. You will need:

  • A main body (comes with the washers and screws for attaching the strap)
  • A strap and buckle
  • A Massage End of your choosing
  • An Extender (if you have larger thighs or want to extend the length of your Muscle Masher)
  • A Strap
  • A Handle
  • A 3/8”-16 set screw for every place you need to join two components (i.e. to join the handle to the main body)


Order Custom Straps

If you would like to bulk order custom straps with your logo or branding on it, we would be happy to work with you! Please get in touch with us at contact@themusclemasher.com and put “Custom Straps” in the subject line to start the conversation.

Cutomize 1 Customize 2

Request New Designs!

If there is a certain style of handle you want, or a particular design of Massage Ends, please let us know! Send an email to contact@themusclemasher.com with subject line “New Product” and if we get enough requests we will happily add new colors, designs, or styles!